Female Feet Fetish – Understanding and embracing Female Feet Fetish

Foot Toe Fetish

A toe fetish or a toe foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes and one of the oldest as well. Indivudals who have a foot toe fetish may enjoy a wide variety of activities involving the feet or the toes, or in some cases, both. Some people may enjoy having their feet massaged or may have a toe sucking fetish, while others enjoy being on the giving end of the toe sucking fetish or on the massage fetish. Many people simply like to look at the feet as a source of sexual arousal, while others may like to stroke the toes or the feet in a sexual manner. Some men may even enjoy rubbing their penises around the feet or inbetween the toes. Obviously, a toe foot fetish may be exhibitied in a wide variety of ways.

While some people may have an interest in or a sexual attraction to the feet, not everyone who feels this way can be said to have a fetish. Fetishes are characterized by extreme sexual attraction, more than is common or normal, to a seemingly strange or usually undesired body part or activity. A fetish sometimes becomes a problem if the person must have the body part visible or perform the activity in order to achieve any kind of sexual fulfillment or satisfaction. This is particularly difficult if the person’s partner does not share this interest, or is not willing to take part in it. Fetishes can develop for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes they are personal quirks, and sometimes they are serious emotional problems that may relate to early childhood trauma or abuse. It is up to the individual with the fetish to decide whether or not it is affecting his or her life in a negative way and whether he or she wishes to seek some sort of health or therapy to correct the problem. Some people are still able to have normal, functioning relationships while practicing the fetish. Those with fetishes should seek out caring, understanding, and nonjudgmental partners.

As with any sexual activity, partners should discuss personal boundaries and what activities pertaining to the fetish are allowed and which are not. A partner should never do anything that makes him or her uncomfortable, and neither partner should ever force the other to engage in any type of sexual activity. In some cases, indivudals may find that just watching foot oriented pornography together may be enough to satisfy the desire, while others may need a more participatory approach. This activity and other sexual activities should always be thought of as something to consider but never as something that one must engage in for the sake of the relationship. Though a toe fetish is common, it is not for everyone.

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