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Sexy Feet Fetish

Many men  have what they like to call a sexy feet fetish. This means that they are attracted to what they consider to be sexy feet legs and sometimes ankles, toes, or any other part of the foot. These men come in all ages, all marital statuses, and all walks of life. Not all of them are “weird” or “creepy” as some people may think. They are simply men who, for whatever reason are attracted to girls sexy feet, and find sexy bare feet or sometimes stocking feet. There is no real answer for why a man develops a foot fetish, but men have been having these feelings for many, many years, and they are not at all uncommon. They are also not considered wrong or bad, so long as the men do not force anyone to take part in their fetishes or push their feelings onto anyone else. Just as some men may be attracted to a girl’s eyes or breasts, men with foot fetishes are attracted to the feet.

The types of sexy feet legs activities performed can vary greatly. Some men simply like to look at girls sexy feet, while others may enjoy rubbing or massaging the feet. Some men may enjoy the pleasure that doing so evokes in a woman, while others just like feeling the sensuous curves, arches, and structure of the female foot. Men who find sexy bare feet may like for the woman to walk around, while others may prefer their women to wear high heels or just stockings. Some men even like to have their backs or bodies walked on, though this mostly transcends into a trampling fetish. Men may enjoy putting lotion on the feet, painting the toenails, or decorating the feet with toe rings, anklets, or other types of jewelry or decoration. Many men may take it a step further and will ask for what is known as a “foot job.” These simply involve having the woman masturbate the man as best as she can with her foot. Other men may simply like to rub their penises on or inbetween the toes.

Those who are interested in a foot fetish can begin by searching the term on the internet. They will be able to connect with other men who share this fetish and women who enjoy taking part in this fetish. Many sites, some pornographic and others social in nature, exist for meeting and acting out foot fetish fantasies. If a man is with a partner who is unaware of his fetish, he should try telling her about his desires. Many women are flattered if a man thinks their feet are sexy and would be happy to try out a sexual foot fetish fantasy. Talking about this type of thing also leads to better communication in the relationship as a whole.  Even if a woman is not directly interested, she may be willing to at least try a sexy feet fetish fantasy.

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