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Gas Pedal Pumping

Men are genuinely attracted to women’s feet so what could be hotter than high heel pedal pumping? Gas pedal pumping is a feet fetish variation which refers to men who get extremely excited when they see a woman who is pumping the car’s pedal.

We cannot really say what happens with men who have feet fetishes when women and cars meet at the same place. But we can imagine. Most of men get crazy when they see women wearing high heel shoes and are gas pedal pumping at the same time. It is no secret that men like cars but when a sexy woman gets behind the wheel and makes the engine clatter they start to love cars.

Whereas some men get sexually aroused when seeing a woman wearing high heels while she is driving, others are rather excited by the image of bare feet. It is actually a matter of personal taste. However, when a woman is driving or just sitting behind the wheel the man is able to get a wider view of her body and not only of the feet. Women could use various techniques in order to make their man crazy in the car. As an example, if the woman is wearing a short skirt which allows the man to see a bit more of her body will definitely increase the blow flood through his veins. However, bear in mind that it is not safe to fulfill this type of fetish while the engine of the car is on!
When having a foot fetish pedal pumping cars by women could seem a very sexy action for some men. However, when having a foot fetish pedal pumping cars by women wearing high heels are actually the ultimate sexual image that men with this sort of fetish can possibly have.

Whether it is normal or not is a matter to debate. Fetishes of all sorts are normal until they get to the point where they get in the way of the normal progression of the relationship. Some women may feel offended by men who have feet fetishes but some would like it. Moreover, what could be more pleasant than having your feet worshipped every time you have sex? But it is very easy to cross the line when it comes to fetishes. And sometimes women can run away scared.

To conclude, high heel pedal pumping is another type of female fetish that many men seem to have and it basically refers to the fact that some men get sexually aroused only by watching women pumping the gas.

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